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Post Mortem is a platform designed to help organizations increase efficiency by providing the tools to pass on insights and resources from one project to the next. 



Project retrospectives and post mortem meetings help document learnings from each project; however, more often than not, insights from these meetings remain with the project leadership of each team rather than being passed onto the rest of the organization. A lack of formal process leads to more repeated mistakes, inefficiencies, and low employee satisfaction.


The Solve:

This product was designed with one main goal in mind:
How can we help organizations gather all the data points they need in order to stop tripping over the same mistakes? 

The solve is comprised of two parts:

Part one: Create an internal database where prior learnings are standardized and easily searchable to reduce uncertainty and aid in planning future projects. 

Part two: Drive a culture of feedback and improvement throughout Huge by creating a network where employees feel personally accountable.




Project Manager
Our Project Manager is starting a new project. He knows that the company has done a project in this industry before but doesn't know who to ask or where to begin gathering resources. 


Product Designer
Our Product Designer just finished a project is curious about how to improve as a designer and take her previous experience into the next project. 


Director of Delivery
Our Director of Directory is trying to put together an action plan to reduce the amount of employees working overtime. He wants to know if there are any trends he can tap into. 


Resource Manager
Our Resource Manager is pulling together a team for a new project. They want a strong team of people who have an interest in the project and have the experience to be successful. 





The database is comprised of general trends and reports that provide insights, survey answers, and resources. Each piece of information is categorized and easily searchable based on industry, client, type of project and keywords. 

Resource Index.jpg

Resource Index

Through the search and browse functionality, Project Managers aggregate resources and staff information to guide them in planning for a new project and making decisions during current projects. 



In addition to editing profile information, users can further personalize and modify their feeds through selecting additional interests and goals or deselecting topics they are no longer interested in.

Report Builder.jpg

Report Builder

With survey answers, PMs build a report and add insights, roadblocks, and comments in addition to attaching helpful links and documents.

Project Report.jpg

Project Report

The resulting report is tagged and easily searchable within the database. Along with survey answers and resources from Project Managers, reports also include a list of team members with links to their personal profiles. 


Follow up:

Although there weren't resources readily available to build out the platform, I was personally very inspired by how excited the client was and set out to build an MVP for this project.  Check out my process here.