final logo.png

Ma Mere Bakery Brand


Ma mere is a concept coffee shop that needed a logo and new brand identity.

Logo Design
Visual Identity & Branding
Art Direction






Ma Mere's identity begins with it's name; French for "My Mom," the cafe serves as a home away from home for young busy professionals living in New York City. The vibe needed to be welcoming and comfortable but at the same time elegant and contemporary in order to appeal to the brand sensitive demographic. 

I decided to convey warmth and love through the logo and elegance through the corresponding look and feel. 



To convey the aspect of personalization and warmth, I explored a few directions, playing with shapes and typography.

The end choice was a combination of a couple different directions. The final logo combines a handwritten "m" as the shape of a loaf of bread feeding into a type package.



The logo is then used as a reference point to establish a comprehensive system for the rest of the roll-outs. To avoid being overly kitschy, I used a muted yellow and clean typography for the print roll outs.