Diem Editor



Diem needed an easy-to-use internal editing platform for creating, editing, and scheduling content. This platform would be used by both the product and the content team to create and schedule tiles ranging from articles, videos, slideshows, products, events, tutorials, and the likes.


UX Design


Sketch, Invision



To begin, I examined the existing workflow. The content team was inefficiently using a Google Spreadsheet to document each element for manual creation of the tiles. An editor would find a content link for a specific category, copy and paste the link in one cell, write the corresponding copy in another cell, and set a release date for that tile; a team member who was more familiar with the back-end system would then take each row and turn it into a tile. Not only was this process extremely inefficient, it was also error prone.  

Based on the existing flow, I distilled down three necessary functionalities of a content creation platform: categorization, content input, and scheduling. Focusing on these three functionalities, I reorganized the user flow to optimize for efficiency.


01. Progress Bar

Improves usability by clearly indicating to editors what stage of the process they are in. Editors can easily identify which elements are left and navigate back to previous steps in the event that they missed an input field.


02. Easy Category Selection

Helps editors to easily select which interest category the content falls under. Corresponding goals for each interest populates based on answer to prevent mistakes


03. Content Scrape Tool

Allows editors to quickly complete tile elements by directly pulling links, images, and titles and automatically populating the corresponding input fields. Editors enter a content URL, click “scrape,” and make their selections.


04. Tile Preview

Helps editors avoid simple errors by showing what the completed tile looks like before scheduling. Editors can easily fix elements by clicking on “Edit.”


05. Scheduler

Aids editors with efficient scheduling of tips and avoids repetitive content within the category by showing which tips are scheduled for each day. Editors select the date they would like the content tile to be released, the “Schedule” button finalizes finalize




End to end content creation flow on the Diem editor platform – from selecting categories to scheduling tiles.